Tilting San Francisco luxury skyscraper a reminder of a crumbling American dream

San Francisco is home to some of the world’s most successful startups but as with any major city, it is home to old detraining skyscrapers that are surely crumbling. When we think of United States and especially San Francisco, we think of beautiful city life, skyscrapers and tall buildings. For those of us who live outside and in other regions around the world, United States is a symbol of modernity and at the very least one of the great architectural centers. At the center of this supposedly heaven on earth, there lurk some dark secrets that the world is only realizing about America and its great architectural jewels. For example, it has been argued that the America is now at an all-time high risk period when it comes to infrastructure. Many people, whose opinions matter have said that roads and buildings are not being attended to and that all of what has been a source of pride for American is slowly crumbling beneath their feet.
In particular, news has emerged from San Francisco about a luxury, multimillion dollar high-rise’s extreme problem with sinking and tilting. The damage is so bad that home values are sharply declining and home owners at the well-known skyscraper fear even more loss, as the hundred million dollar tower continues to experience sinking. Thus as the American dream is being challenged at its most top-notch level, people are asking how and why such flaws can even become a permanent part of American life. This is as similar problems are growing in numbers and challenging the American dream.
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