Great tips on why to read fictional books and stories

When it comes to reading, there just isn’t anything better than fiction. Books come in different forms and there are so many different types of books, but fiction is simply something else. For the most part, if you look at the entertainment industry and social media, while having fiction in mind, you will realize that all use fiction as the most prominent form of entertainment. One of the reasons for that is the fact that our attention spans have been shrinking for the past few decades and the only thing that seems to be grabbing our attentions these days are found in fiction. All you need to do is to think about all the series about dead people walking and notice so many other themes we love to watch. Therefore, reading fictional stories, as that is where all the TV productions ultimately come from, are just as good as the movies and series, if not better. Therefore, here we will provide you with some points on why it is so good and fun to read fiction other than watching it. This list will help you make up your mind about picking up a book and reading it.
One of the great things about fiction is that it significantly improves your creativity. Another reason is that, given the right format if writing, your empathy and sympathy will be tickled in to actions and that is what tests your social abilities to feel for other people. Fiction does other things that are great too. For example, fictional books have a great way of helping readers discover themselves and grow to believe in their true perspectives and the true emotions that usually hide deep inside. Fictional books have a great way of teaching us to look outside the box and look for tools and solutions. We all need such a talent in a world where anything has the potential to become either a tool or a weapon. The ability to locate and make tools in order to solve problems can mean the difference between being dominated by obstacles and finding ways to be better and smarter in absolving them. Fictional books help us do all the mentioned and more, as such sources of power do through opening our minds and our eyes to the world.
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