Try and improve on your writing by working on description and detail

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It is important to know what goes into good writing and why we need to know how to write well. First and foremost, it is necessary to know lots of words and have a good collection of vocabulary handy. English speakers and writers have the same issue because to describe you need just the right combination of adjectives. If too many get used, you are over explaining a situation and risk confusing the reader. At the same time, if you don’t know how to explain, describe, identify, or define a noun and pronoun, through the right combination of adjectives, then there will be confusion and lack of clarity as to what is exactly being described. Therefore, pick your subject and create a mind map on what it is you intend to write about. Then, grab a dictionary and pick out the words that you feel fit all the requirements needed. It is like wanting to cook a good dinner. When we want to cook food, we want to think about what goes into that food. Obviously, when we are cooking western style roast beef and mashed potatoes, there is no room for soya sauce in the ingredient. Look at the short description below as an example of how to have a balanced writing style, through which you can make your reader understand and more importantly connect with the subject you are passionate about:
The colorful Alborz mountain chain stretches through Iran’s north, from west to east, with vigor and grace. As you drive through them, you can see the transformation of color slowly and surely, taking place right before our eyes. Going in and out of the tunnels that dip into ancient mountains, you can imagine your ancestors as they passed through what has been known as the Persian gates, which have a tendency to allow only the right people through and into the open arms of the Caspian. Once you reach your destination, beyond the rivers and ever green mountains, a world of beauty awaits you. All you need to do then is to dip your feet into the Caspian, and allow the waves to gently make contact. Then close your eyes and allow for the gentle sound of water and air take over. It is then that you can find true peace. There, you can look north and watch the multicolor Caspian and maybe even go for a sweep. As you lay in the water still, you are one with the sea. It is then that you can find true happiness and be a child once more, for there is no other feeling like it. There never was and there never will be anything like the sweet sensation of naïve and childish peace.
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