IELTS Collocations

(.Using these kinds of collocations while you’re doing writing part of IELTS exam will plainly increase your grade )

Damaging consequences-

.Example: The damaging consequences of unemployment affect all levels of society

Rapid decline-

.Example: The team’s failure to win any games led to a rapid decline in fan support

Mounting evidence-

Example: The education department has mounting evidence that the newly introduced tests are not leading to higher standards of teaching and learning

Sources confirmed-

.Government sources confirmed that the president would travel to the Far East in early spring

Basic elements-

.Example: soy products are a basic element of many Chinese and Japanese recipes

Protect the environment-

.Example: Every country needs to do its part to protect the environment

Earning capacity-

.Government officials argue that the cost of tuition for college students is offset by increased earning capacity after graduation

Marked contrast-

.Example: Voters observed a marked contrast between the politician’s pre-election promises and his voting record in Congress

Retained control-

.Example: The national park retained control of the land, even though it was being used for commercial farming

Retain close ties-

.Example: American universities retain close ties with past graduates through their alumni associations

Retain independence-

.Example: Home-health nurses serve a vital function by allowing the elderly to retain their independence even after the effects of aging have set in

Confer degree-

.Example: The president of the university was happy to confer an honorary degree on the Noble peace prize winner

Confer a status-

.Ex: Among many primitive tribes, being a skilled hunter confers a high status upon an individual

Confer titles-

.Ex: Each year, the queen of England confers titles on British subjects who have provided particularly useful services to the country

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